Pre loved bundles (January/February)

£9.00 (Sold out)

THEY ARE BACK! Preloved bundles £9
Those who have followed from the start will remember that we started off selling pre loved books.
You loved these bundles, but we stopped doing them to move onto new books. We love new books and so do you, however, the pre-loved bundles have so much more to offer and here's why:
💕Old titles that have been discontinued, you can find some gems!
💕Recent titles that would otherwise be expensive.
💕10 book bundles, less weight and more postage options (no useless couriers that loose the parcels involved) 🙊
💕Random freebies ocassionsly included in your bundle
💕Bundles from birth up to age 12
💕Board books, paper backs and more
*All books will be in good to excellent condition with minor damage, they are not perfect, but why let heavy handed children ruin brand new books, save money and time, recycle, reuse and keep a book loved for longer.
100 bundles now available for January and February deliveries. Please use the link below and select your delivery month. Order books will close in a week so be quick.
*Feel free to order a bundle for both months, the chances of duplicates with pre-loved bundles are very slim.